Dear Residents:

Here’s what safety measures we are taking to protect our residents, visitors and employees:

COVID-19 Employee Safety Protocols

  • Daily employee temperature and symptom checking
  • Social distancing
  • All employees, visitors and vendors required to wear face masks
  • Frequently sanitizing high touch surfaces

COVID-19 Service Repair Safety Protocol

  • All repairs must be scheduled in advance so residents know when maintenance is arriving
  • When scheduling work orders with residents the following questions will be asked:
    • Have you or another occupant traveled outside of the US in the past two weeks
    • Have you or another occupant experienced COVID-19 Symptoms – fever, cough, shortness of breath, stomach illness
    • Have you or another occupant been in contact with someone that was diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past two weeks.
    • Resident must respond NO to all questions
  • What to expect when maintenance enters the apt
    • Maintenance will wear masks and gloves at all times while in apt
    • Resident is expected to socially distance and when at all possible either leave the apartment or stay in another room from where work is being performed
  • Maintenance Techs Must
    • Wear mask and gloves at all times when entering apt
    • Social distance from all occupants
    • When at all possible, sanitize area before leaving
    • Discard of mask and gloves in trash receptacles immediately after repair
    • Wash hands thoroughly

COVID-19 Resident Guidelines and Restrictions

  • If you are in a common area, you must maintain a 6-foot distance from other residents – Please attempt to limit the amount of time spent in those areas
  • It is extremely important that you keep your utilities functioning properly – this includes ensuring that nothing other than human waste and toilet paper is flushed down the toilet
  • Continue to properly make use of your apartment’s heating and cooling system and ensure that regular care of these systems is being maintained while you are at home

Thank you for your continued support and please reach out to the management office should you have any questions.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Water efficient fixtures

CFL and LED bulbs

On-site Recycling program

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Small actions, big impacts.
Every effort counts.

Happy to be an eco-friendly community!